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Beit Shemesh


Your quality of life
Is reaching new heights!

Pinui-Binui project, in the Hama'apilim-Hashiva neighborhoods


‏ Already signed ‏88%

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The southern complex (Hama'apilim + Hashiva)

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What is Pinui-Binui?

Pinui-Binui is a one-time opportunity

A rare opportunity to turn your old apartment into a new, attractive and larger apartment, with more amenities and higher value, while staying in the neighborhood you love – and it won’t cost you a thing!


Current state

Blue line : 33.6 dunams

Northern section: 13 dunams
Southern section: 19 dunams
Area of Hashiva Street: 1.6 dunams

Present total

141 units

מפת השכונה כיום מפת השכונה בעתיד


Proposed plan

Northern section

600 units
+ 1,800 sq.m. commercial space

Southern section
572 units
+ 1,200 sq.m. commercial space

Proposed total
1,168 units
+ 3,000 sq.m. commercial space

*From the preliminary and unbinding planning and subject to approval by the authorities, the advancing with the signatures, planning constrains and the client's decision. Image for illustration purposes only.

Presentation of the process

Project stages


Residents' delegation applies to company


Company team reviews plans


Project is presented to residents


Legal advisory team (paid by developer) is chosen


Pinui-Binui agreement negotiated with the residents lawyer


Agreement is signed


Planning and promotion of urban building plan


Project is presented to the local authority for permission to continue


Planning of options by the planning team in cooperation with the local authority


The chosen option is processed and permission is granted by the local authority


Preliminary declaration of the area as slated for urban renewal


Round table discussion with delegates of the local and regional committees


Preparation of papers and submission to the local committee


Owners of exchange apartments are invited to choose, in principal, their new apartments in the residential tower


Local committee discussion


Regional committee discussion


Approval of local committee and submission for objections


Publication of urban building plan for validation


Request for a permit is submitted


Discussion of subcommittee to approve the permit


Residents are invited to choose compensation for their apartment based on appraisal


Permit is granted


Construction of apartment building


Residents take possession of apartments


Final inspection and warranty according to Law of Sales

Project management

Moving forward with ease & comfort,
With a strong & stable company

In contrast to other, similar projects, in which a number of companies are involved – one to sign up the residents, another to provide the investment, and a third to carry out the construction and provide the warranty, a process bogged down by bureaucracy – this project is managed solely by one company.

Reisdor is the only company you – the apartment owners – will have to deal with. Reisdor takes care of the construction as well as performing the final inspection and providing the homebuilders warranty.


The project is being carried out in coordination with the Beit Shemesh Urban Renewal Authority and in close cooperation with the municipality, which supports the project and intends to join as one of the appellants in requesting approval for the urban building plan. Members of the Planning and Construction Committee are full partners in the process and are accompanying it in order to achieve the best possible results.

You will be accompanied and taken hand-by-hand from your first stem until you enter your new home


Benefits of this project

The added value you will receive from the project developer

*The new apartment will be on the same floor as your current apartment, if there are enough apartments. If not, some of the apartment owners will receive an apartment on a higher floor, to be determined by lottery. **not to exceed an addition of 25 sq.m.

Technical information

Better quality of life, down to the smallest details

Flooring and wall coverings

  • Granite-porcelain floor tiles measuring 80×80 cm.
  • choice of 24 colors
  • Parquet laminate flooring in parents’ bedroom
  • Parquet-look flooring on balcony
  • A wide choice of floor and wall tiles for the bathrooms


  • Built-in unit
  • Quality hinges and soft-closing drawers
  • Choice of designer knobs and handles
  • Caesarea stone countertops – choice of 6 colors
  • Pull-out faucet
  • Kitchen length – minimum 5/6 meters
  • Mechanical storage solution installed in corner cabinet
  • Acrylic or stainless flush-mounted sink
  • Quality cabinets in a variety of finishes to choose from
  • Space and connections for a dishwasher

Doors and windows

  • Bathroom door locks with occupied/vacant indicator
  • Electric roller shutters with manual backup
  • Wooden sash in the reinforced room (“Mamad”)
  • Interior doors – Unik-Pandoor, or equiv.
  • Quality aluminum window frames
  • Preparation for screens
  • Insulated glass panes in windows
  • Aluminum-glass parapet on balcony
  • Wide glass doors to balcony, roof and garden


  • Monoblock toilets
  • Concealed toilets in bathroom and master bedroom
  • Exclusive designer faucets; choose from 3 series
  • Quality acrylic bathtub
  • Connection for heater in main bathroom


  • Three-phase electricity 3×25 amperes
  • A Shabbos timer for each apartment
  • Connections for mini-central air conditioning
  • Intercom
  • Two-way light switch in parents’ bedroom
  • Monitoring system for electricity consumption, with a digital display that receives and processes data
  • Two Shabbos timers, one for lights and one for air conditioning

Common areas

  • Entry door of glazed aluminum, with electric door lock and a deadbolt for Shabbat.
  • Attractive lobby
  • Exterior walls covered in stone mixed with plaster
  • Large, quality elevator from a leading manufacturer

Your renovation, our resources

According to the Sales Law (Apartments), apartment owners receive the required security from the contractor, including a Sales Law Guarantee for the benefit of the apartment owner equaling the value of the future apartment, according to the estimate of the project appraiser of the bank connected to the project. This guarantee will be in effect for the entire period of the project, from the day the builder gets the old apartment, till the day you receive the key to the new apartment.

In the case of evacuation-reconstruction, apartment owners will receive the rent money for the entire construction period in post-dated checks.

The company will strive to minimize the evacuation of residents from their apartments before completion of the first stage, by doing reconstruction-evacuation-reconstruction.

Insurance – the developer commits to arranging insurance for building work, as required by law.

The developer will pay for an attorney and a building inspector on behalf of the apartment owners.


Moving forward confidently with a winning team

Reisdor Enterprises, Ltd. has an impressive resume of successful projects, insisting on the highest building quality and using innovative construction methods while adhering to the strictest building codes. Our company has an inspection department responsible for inspecting the apartments in order to give the residents full, continuous service during the inspection and warranty periods.

The project’s architect is among the leading experts in the field in Israel, with vast experience in urban renewal and implementation of successful projects for many local authorities throughout the country

Reisdor in Beit Shemesh

Reisdor in Beit Shemesh

Reisdor is already part of Beit Shemesh

  • ‏ ‏284 apartments

  • ‏ ‏14 buildings

  • ‏ ‏1,200 sqm commercial space

The company staked out a major role in Beit Shemesh by building hundreds of housing units and more than 1000 square meters of commercial space in Ramah Daled. The many buyers who will benefit from the best project in the city expressed their confidence in Reisdor and joined thousands of residents all over Israel who have already chosen to be part of the family of quality and excellence. The current Pinui-Binui plan offers you the same high standards and quality building that have become a company tradition throughout the country.

Move ahead with Reisdor

A leading company by virtue of its power, success and experience!

Reisdor Rosh Ha'ayin

Reisdor Jerusalem

Reisdor Givat Shmuel

Reisdor Towers 2 Bnei Brak

  • Power

    Reisdor Enterprises, Ltd is a leading developer, dynamic and successful, with financial strength, experience and expertise in building residential neighborhoods and commercial centers. Our uncompromising professionalism, ambition, reliability, personal service and insistence on high standards, down to the smallest details, have made us a role model in the Israeli real estate development industry.

  • Success

    Reisdor is owned by real estate developer Yaki Reisner, known for his talent for identifying real estate opportunities and acquiring undeveloped land in strategic locations. This has made him one of the most influential developers in Israel. In one decade, Reisdor has become a leader in projects involving hundreds of residential units and thousands of square meters of commercial space.

  • Experience

    Over the years, Reisdor has earned a reputation in the real estate industry and made a name for itself in buying property. Every one of its projects is a success story. In recent years, the company has developed projects worth hundreds of millions of shekels: neighborhoods that include development of an exclusive residential environment and commercial centers and offices. Currently, the company is developing 1,500 residential units in Rosh Ha’ayin, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and Kiryat Gat, as well as 6 commercial centers and two office towers.

Information for residents

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